(screenplay available)

SCREENPLAY: feature length

GENRE: political thriller drama

LOGLINE: The lives of a politician and the mother of a death-row inmate collide in the days before the killer’s scheduled execution.

STORY: The Lieutenant Governor and his wife are shot and killed by a hooded youth, Avery Bledsoe, in an underground parking garage, during an attempted robbery, following a gala fundraising event. Six years later the Governor signs a document setting the date for Avery’s execution. Avery’s mother, Maria Price, through her ACLU Attorney, requests a private meeting with the now Governor, Derek Davenport, in a last ditch effort to plead for her son’s life. Against all advice, Derek agrees, only to discover Mariah is an old girlfriend whom he had an intimate relationship back in high school, claiming Avery Bledsoe is their illegitimate son. Now Derek must decide whether to spare the life of a convicted murderer, a son he never knew he had, or the promise he made to the victim’s family.

ABOUTSometimes good men have to make hard decisions.

Screenplay available upon request.

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