(screenplay available)

SCREENPLAY: feature length

GENRE: suspense thriller - film noir

LOGLINE: A crime boss's daughter fakes her own murder in an attempt to take over the family business.

STORY: John O’Connell a Private Investigator is hired by a mysterious Mr Yellow to investigate the murder of a local Betel Nut Girl. But all is not what it appears to be.  In fact, she is the daughter of Black Cat Lin, drug lord kingpin of North City, and Winter Bloom is very much alive. O’Connell teams up with a beautiful police detective, Ms Willow, to bring Winter Bloom and her father to justice for the murder of the Betel Nut Girl. Double cross leads to double cross. Alliances shift with the tide. And a foiled attempt to take over the family business, leads to the ultimate act of betrayal.

ABOUT:  A classic noir detective story set in Asia (Taiwan).

Screenplay available upon request.

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