SCREENPLAY: feature length - available

GENRE: drama/coming of age/family adventure

LOGLINE: To young Molly Thomas; her best friend Sam the Dog, winning the finals at the Devil's Gate Pass long-boarding championship, and learning to sail are the most important things in her life - until a chance encounter with a cougar, would change her life forever.

STORY: Set against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, C~BREEZE is a family oriented, coming of age story about a young girl named Molly Thomas, and her best friend Sam the Dog. But beyond the perils of youth and the pain of growing up, there are the hard lessons that often come at a terrible cost. And what she thought was an abandoned baby otter, turns into a fight for survival when Molly and Sam find themselves caught between a hungry cougar and its prey. And it is only through the love and sacrifice of her dog Sam, that Molly somehow manages to survive. But through it all, Molly learns the most important lesson of all; the strength and courage to believe in herself.

ABOUT: Told in the style of classic Disney family features.

Screenplay available upon request.

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