Screenplay: available

Format: feature length motion picture

Genre: supernatural thriller

Tagline: Anne and Michelle promise to be best friends forever; and not even death will keep them apart.

Story: Time took them from each other, and now ten years later, they have found each other again. Anne coerces Michelle into a sordid affair that brings turmoil into Michelle’s already rocky life. But then a series of bizarre events begin to unfold which lead Michelle down a terrifying path to the truth about her girlfriend’s past.

About: GIRLFRIENDS is first and foremost a character-building exploration of love and loss as told through the eyes of two childhood friends. GIRLFRIENDS is also an erotic thriller told intelligently and artfully in the style of Adrian Lynne and Ken Russell. A modern day ghost story.

ScreenplayDarlenne Susan Girard

Screenplay available upon request.
Pages: 90