(screenplay available)

SCREENPLAY: feature length

GENRE: horror thriller

LOGLINE: A history of murder, ghosts and intrigue surround a mansion in old Savannah, Georgia, in this supernatural rendition of a classic ghost story.

STORY: A father and college age daughter discover the truth to the saying, Savannah is the most haunted place in America. Having inherited an old home, they must face the upheavals in their lives caused by sudden wealth while finding themselves tormented by the many ghosts haunting their home, intent on driving them insane.  In a race against time the father and daughter must unravel a frightening mystery surrounding the house that suggests a legacy of murder, rape and deceit.

ABOUT: The HAUNTING OF SAVANNAH is a story that builds on the quaint and heart-warming landscape of Savannah, Georgia while building an intense and terrifying ghost story and supernatural horror.

Screenplay available upon request.

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