Screenplay: available

Format: feature length motion picture

Genre: psychological science fiction

Logline: In a series of alternate universes, Dr Ellen Bergman, sometimes a physicist, and Dr David Goldman, sometimes a medical doctor, discuss the possibilities and implications of quantum physics.

Story: Imagine a universe governed by the principle laws of uncertainty where reality is only a momentary state. Now imagine a roller coaster; a wormhole into another dimension. A dimension far beyond our present known fabric of time and space where the impossible were possible, and our perception of reality were in constant change, and the past, present and future merely emergent properties of consciousness? And what if we could stream that consciousness from one parallel reality to another? And what if we already have?

About: PRINCIPLE OF UNCERTAINTY is a thought-provoking original script that stands out for its scientific and philosophical notions. Comparisons to Waking Life and Cloud Atlas could be made. A fascinating and gripping script full of intriguing scientific concepts, deep philosophical notions and stirring human moments.

ScreenplayDarlenne Susan Girard & Mark Alberto Llerena

Screenplay available upon request.
Pages: 91


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