(screenplay available)

SCREENPLAY: feature length

GENRE: apocalyptic musical satire

LOGLINE: Song and dance performers deal with their own mortality on the last night, of the last performance, on the last day before the end of the world.

STORY: It’s New Year’s Eve and the world waits to see if the unspeakable will happen - the end of the world. Inside The Straylite, the performers’ battle with fear, regret, love and lust - mirrored in plentiful song and dance routines - while trying to make this final show the best of their lives. And when the news finally comes and the bombs are in the air, the slogan “the show must go on” takes on a whole new meaning.

ABOUT: STRAYLITE is wickedly macabre and delightfully energetic, giving a whole new meaning to “apocalyptic musical.” 

Screenplay available upon request.

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